Et. Alia

by Florence & Normandie

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released July 11, 2017

Florence and Normandie is
Mikey Switz - guitar/vocals
Aj Lino- Drums and Percussion
Panda- Bass

Music written and performed by Florence and Normandie.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Chris Palowitch.
Vocals recorded by Mikey, Panda, and Jairo at the Barn.

Additional vocals on Divide by Jose Hernandez, Alex Stepien, and Shawn Belanger

Additional vocals on 168 by Alex Stepien
Additional percussion on 168 by Gabriel Jean
The last bass note on 168 performed by Chris Palowitch

Additional vocals on Fracture by Jairo Munoz and Gabriel Jean

Additional vocals on Curvature by Jairo Munoz

Additional vocals on Grow by Aj Lino

Additional vocals on Obliviate by John Peloso

Additional vocals on Hallowed by Candice Maritato

Additional vocals on I Only Ever Think of You by Anthony Grasso, Cristina Valencia, and the Sam Ash automated directory
Additional guitar on I Only Ever Think of You by Jose Hernandez

Additional vocals on I'll Be Fine by Alex Stepien
Additional guitar on I'll Be Fine by Jose Hernandez

Art work by Visceral Art and Design

Thank you to way too many people.



all rights reserved


Florence & Normandie Davie, Florida

Mikey, Aj, & Panda


from South Florida.

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Track Name: Divide
Lay me down when we divide,
Lacking the scope we use to see inside
The crevices of consciousness;
The rotten holes where we reside.

The meaning that's further down took the shape of our lives.
Contoured the edges to the curvature's crown.

I watched the horizon widen from just underneath,
Tried to climb up to the surface; lost my will to drown.
Track Name: 168
As I lay my head down tonight,
And as your breathing fills the air,
I see silhouettes of circles
Dancing I feel them taunting me;
They claim I'm theirs.

Five years amended by foreign features,
I could try to understand.

But when each touch feigns all of your absence
It doesn't leave much room to be prepared.

If the time comes I'll resign myself;
Bury you in song.
Glances and fleeting laughter maintain my air of calm.
Track Name: Fracture
Who's to blame when we regress?
Place our bitter badges on a shelf.
Who's first to admit their fractured, fragile, sense of self?

Just layed in bed,
Eyes were open, I was dreaming;
Took stock of all my constructed sense of meaning
And I realized all the best parts were gone.

We all just float along,
Never admitting to those reactionary moments when
We chose to act in ways we know are wrong.

This body's not a temple, it's a cage.
Feeling fractured, wasted, and small
By the facets of existence which imbue me with my self entitled sense of rage.
Track Name: Curvature
We all perceive in spectrums of dichotomies.
Take your pick and fluctuate accordingly.
Differences between passive being and differences between being and becoming.

How is it that we have come to know who we are?
Receiving orders encrypted by curvatures.
"We bestow on you these bodies know that they are not your own"

We've exerted its will and submit ourselves;
Destitute and vulnerable again.

Create the caste of existence we all wear so well.
Live in the shade of a circle, shape the mind in our stead.
Looming reminder of my existential dread.
Track Name: Grow
I diverted love in lieu of all I thought I'd lost.
I found myself standing at the edge of time
Deferred all the futures I knew were never mine, I let myself beyond

Threshold, move past the edge of time.
I saw the spiral galaxies twist in and out of frame.
And I saw the shape of nebulae spelling out your name.
It was all consuming.

It's all I know.

You've always been beautiful and I will never grow.
Track Name: Obliviate
We make the same mistakes;
Renewing our recycled shame.
All our flaws and the ways we were bred reflect eternity.

Attempts to satiate, correct the pattern, betrays us in all that we make.
Comforting cycles of our malevolence serve the directive to obliviate ourselves.

Strip me bare and to the bone,
Cut me deep and smile wide as I fall prone.
Feel the weight of all of our stilted consciousness
As it receives us, vicious and alone.
Track Name: Hallowed
We built this house to heal our hallowed halves.
Founded at the base of that which reallocates the past.

Hear the history hazed in its walls;
Whispers of regret.
Conditioned all our indifference;
Conscripted our intent.

Its architecture leaned,
Stairs shifting beneath our feet.
Oppressive; we all learn what it is to submit ourselves.

The ceiling curved like the tops of tombs.
Track Name: Rot
Give me a chance,
I've been running I've been reckless,
pursuing death.

Spineless, emotive.
Can't grasp the weight of its hands.

Teeter toward the edge again, provoked there by shallow friends.
Faceless phantoms of my descent.

I create meaning all the time because there's no one there to judge; nothing below, nothing above.
We're all just rooted to the spot,
condemned ourselves all here to rot.
Track Name: I Only Ever Think of You
I only ever hear your voice in its warmest tones;
Whispering for the softest endings to come and punctuate my oldest home.
You said it's not about the end, its about how much we've grown.

I only ever hear your voice in whispers now,
softly lulling me to sleep just when the sun comes out.
You always said I should sleep more, but it's harder now.

I only hear your voice in its warmest tones, canvassing over all its reach; all washed out in softest glow.
Tried not to latch onto artifacts and keepsakes;
a hoodie here, the note on the mirror that posits our old futures as fate.

I only ever see your figure in silhouette; shapeless and cast in my room at each sunset.
It isn't like me to color all the past in warmer hues.
I only ever do it when I think of you.
Track Name: I'll Be Fine
Followed the scent of something different, piqued by the sense of something you may have missed.
You were lonely, I know.
Lusting for the unknown.
Ever independent; fed up with all of my ego.

Sat and talked about getting married, the future of our family and what we'd name the kids.
Sat and talked about how we could make the most of a registry or if we should ask for cash.

Late night calls sound just like disappointment,
I saw it coming, I called you out.

Watched our futures play out in real time.
All the consequence of stained love spent and rippling through your spine; played it out on screen. Played pretend like I was doing fine.